Department of Defense
High Performance Computing Modernization Program

When visiting the High Performance Computing Modernization Program Office (HPCMPO), submit a visit request (VR) if required by your HPCMPO sponsor. Visit requests are not required for unclassified visits. For classified visits, follow the procedures below.

Visit Request Procedures:

  1. Visit requests must be submitted via DISS or faxed to the US Army’s Engineering, Research and Development Center (ERDC) Security Office
  2. Required DISS Information:
    SMO Code: W2R2AA, level 5
    Dates: VR may be effective for one year
    Reason: Meeting
    POC: HPC plus the name of the person to be visited (HPC-name)
    Phone Number: 703-812-8205
  3. Questions/verification of receipt call HPC-ERDC POC at 601-634-4218
  4. Verify HPCMPO receipt by calling 703-812-8205

Please allow four days for processing. If less than four days before the visit, please process the visit in DISS (or via fax) and then contact HPCMPO Security at 703-812-8205 providing the visitor’s name, date of visit and person to be visited. HPCMPO will inform ERDC of the urgency.