Department of Defense
High Performance Computing Modernization Program

The Executive Steering Group (ESG) meets annually (more frequently, if necessary) to address issues raised by Department of Defense (DoD) Services and Agencies, providing oversight of the High Performance Computing Modernization Program (HPCMP). The ESG is chaired by Director, Science & Technology [OUSD (R&E)], the Deputy Undersecretary of Defense Information and Integration Portfolio Management [OUSD (A&S)] and the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army, Research and Technology (DASA R/T). Concerns addressed by the ESG include:

  • Post-deployment evaluation results for performance, schedule, and cost assessment for the Program as a whole
  • Establishment of performance, schedule, and cost criteria for the following year
  • Resolution of issues escalated from other governance bodies in need of final adjudication
  • Pre-deployment decisions on major strategic shifts and technical initiatives
  • Oversight of HPCMP resource allocations to ensure balance in line with DoD, Service, and Agency Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) and Acquisition Engineering (AE) priorities
  • Post-deployment impact reviews for past decisions

ESG oversight ensures that the Program is contributing appropriate value within a broad DoD context in line with the current operating environment, and that the Program can dynamically align itself to providing services and expertise immediately relevant to changing RDT&E priorities.