Department of Defense
High Performance Computing Modernization Program


Each summer DoD laboratories and test centers are filled with student summer hires and interns providing valuable work experience with many potential benefits to both the intern and the DoD organization. The interns are selected from existing local and government-wide intern vehicles, such as Pathways, SMART, Science and Engineering Apprentice Program, and other Student Educational Employment Programs, and funded by the host organization.

The HPCMP's Next Generation Workforce Development (NGWD) initiatives provide the future science and engineering workforce with the computational skills and experience necessary to close the gap between the technological capability and skills necessary to support the DoD's future Warfighter needs.

To achieve the HPCMP vision of widespread use of computational tools as a solution of first-choice within DoD, the future workforce must be prepared to design, develop, deploy, and utilize current and future high-performance computing architectures. In support of this vision, the HPCMP is issuing a Call for HPC Internship Program (HIP) proposals.

HPCMP plans to sponsor 30 - 40 Service laboratory and test center interns to work on scientific or engineering projects using HPC tools, resources, and methods this summer. All HIP proposals must be initiated by a DoD government scientist/engineer from a DoD laboratory, test center, or DSRC who will apply or plan to apply HPC tools, resources, and methods to their project. DoD laboratories or test centers are expected to utilize the existing processes, vehicles, and government-wide programs they are already using to identify and select interns. Candidate interns range from high school, college, graduate school, Wounded Warriors, Veterans, and/or under-represented minorities. The HPCMP will provide funding up to $30K per internship (dependent upon intern program costs) to the DoD laboratory, test center, or DSRC to off-set the cost of the internship, and an additional $7K will be provided to off-set a portion of the costs associated with mentoring and reporting responsibilities. The HIP requirements, proposal process, and guidelines can be found in the attached documents.

Please distribute this announcement to any of your colleagues within the DoD research, development, test, and evaluation communities that might have an interest in participating. Proposals to fund an internship must be submitted to NGWD [at] and can be submitted anytime up to 15 April 2014. Because deadlines, start- and end-dates vary, depending on the internship vehicle used, awards will be made until the 30-40 HIP internships are funded.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. We look forward to working with you to give your interns a valuable work experience using HPC.

Call for Proposals for HIP [PDF Version]

2014 HPCMP HIP Proposal Template [Word Version]

2014 HPCMP HIP Proposal Checklist [Word Version]