Department of Defense
High Performance Computing Modernization Program

Suspense: Closed

The HPCMP is pleased to announce its Call for FY 2015 DoD Frontier Concept Proposals.  All concept proposals must be submitted by e-mail to the appropriate Service/Agency High Performance Computing Advisory Panel (HPCAP) Principal by 25 April 2014.  HPCAP Principals will forward a down-selected set of concept proposals to the HPCMP for consideration.  Principal investigators (PIs) selected for callback will receive a request for full proposals.  Full proposals must be received by the HPCAP Principals by 13 June 2014.  It is anticipated that frontier project awards will be announced by 31 July 2014.

For proposal instructions, please refer to the Call for FY 2015 DoD Frontier Concept Proposals and the Computational Technology Area (CTA) Identified Trends and Challenges documents.

Please send an email to frontier [at] with any questions.