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Please respond with your concept proposal in WORD format

Dear Colleagues: 

I am announcing a call for Contract Year 6 (KY06) (1 Sep 2014 – 31 Aug 2015) project proposals for the User Productivity Enhancement, Technology Transfer and Training (PETTT) Program within the DoD High Performance Computing Modernization Program Office (HPCMPO).  PETTT is intended to improve the usability of HPC resources, extend their use into new domains and address new problems.

For KY06, the HPCMPO will consider proposals for project durations of up to 12 months.  Detailed information about the proposal preparation can be found in the text of the attachments.  Proposals received by the due date listed will be peer reviewed and a final list of approved KY06 projects will be posted on the On-line Knowledge Center (OKC). 

Project Proposals should reflect software developments/enhancements executed on the HPCMP high performance computing systems in the 11 computational technology areas (see attached instructions); contribute special expertise to HPCMPO projects (e.g. CREATE, Institutes, etc.); and/or leverage existing funding from DoD or other agencies.  They may also involve Advanced Computing Environments (ACE) as well as crosscutting or enabling technologies (algorithms, frameworks, exploiting multi-core architectures, function libraries, languages, meshing techniques, etc).  Preference will be given to applied research (6.2) "type" of proposals, although others are welcome and will be judged on merit.  Deliverables must be unclassified and usable by the greater DoD community (DoD, DoD contractors).  Furthermore, we seek projects that demonstrate usability of the HPC End User Environment (HEUE) and Portal technologies.

Questions about the preplanned proposal call should be directed to pettt_projects [at] 

KY06 PETTT Pre-Planned Project Concept Proposal [MS Word Version]

Call for PETTT Program Pre-planned Project Concept Proposals [PDF  Version]