Department of Defense
High Performance Computing Modernization Program

Centerline velocity contours, surface pressure coefficients, and stream-lines over a controlled projectile at Mach 0.5

HPCMP capabilities are being used to determine projectile flow interaction effects for gun-launched munitions that engage with moving targets.

The development of a low-cost capability for gun-launched munitions that can engage with moving targets requires the design and development of a highly maneuverable munition. HPCMP resources were used to model the flight dynamics and flow interactions of a new highly maneuverable munition.

HPCMP resources enabled:

  • An optimized design
  • Insight into canard-tail flow interaction effects
  • Validation of physics-based coupled computational fluid dynamics (CFD) rigid-body dynamics (RBD)/flight control system (FCS) methodologies and concepts

Read the full paper – High-Fidelity CFD Modeling of Maneuvering Projectile Aerodynamics [PDF Version]