Department of Defense
High Performance Computing Modernization Program

These publications are accounts of contributions to the Department of Defense mission using HPCMP resources.


  • Each year, there are a plethora of successes that are brought about through the Department of Defense High Performance Computing Modernization Program’s (DoD HPCMP’s) resources and expertise.
    Visit HPCMP Annual Highlights to download the latest issue of the HPCMP Annual Highlights for FY2019/2020.
  • The HPC Insights magazine is a publication that has taken on a more user-friendly tone, while still reporting our most important activities toward the DoD mission.
    Visit HPC Insights to download the latest issue or historical issues of the HPC Insights magazine.
  • Each summer, the HPCMP awards internship projects to various DoD labs and institutions across the country, providing students with the opportunity to work on scientific or engineering projects using HPC tools, resources and methods.
    Visit HPC Internship Program (HIP) Proceedings (DoD PKI Required) to download the latest compilation of these reports.