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High Performance Computing Modernization Program

The For Users page is for all users, new and existing. Some of the links on this page will take you off-site to direct you to the resources you seek, while other links will take you to the appropriate page of this website.

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New Accounts – Where to start:

  • The following set of briefing slides provide potential HPCMP users with all the information needed to set up an HPC account in the Portal to the Information Environment. The briefing consists of three sets of slides:
    • Who are we? - a brief overview of the HPC Modernization Program and basic information about available resources
    • Who may run on HPCMP resources? - criteria for having an account on HPCMP resources
    • How do I obtain a user account? - walks the user through the process of setting up an HPCMP account in the Portal to the Information Environment - additional steps must be taken in order for a user to access the HPC resources at the DoD Supercomputing Resource Centers
  • For a list of supercomputers operated by the HPCMP, see the HPC Systems list.


User Resources

Guidance and Policies

For Access to DoD information systems you will need to:

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