Department of Defense
High Performance Computing Modernization Program

The CREATE-AV project is tasked to develop, deploy, and support a set of multi-disciplinary, physics-based simulation software produts for the engineering workforces, supporting air vehicle acquisition programs of the services.  These products are designed to exploit the capabilities of next-generation computational resources, while also increasing the productivity of the engineering workforce. This is accomplished through streamlined, more efficient engineering workflows and computational physics models, enabling the detection of design flaws and performance anomalies early in the aircraft development.

  • ADAPT:  Multidisciplinary Analysis and Optimization (MDAO) environment enbaling designers to support DoD fixed-wing aircraft pre-program requirements development
  • Kestrel:  High-fidelity, multi-disciplinary anaysis platform for fixed-wing vehicles supporting a wide range of coupled physics to include:  aerodynamics, thermochemistry, structural dynamics, thermodynamics, propulsion, and flight controls
  • Helios:  High-fidelity aero-structural software for coupled CFD/CSD analysis of rotary-wing aircraft:  aerodynamics, structural dynamics and trim, maneuver, interactional aerodynamics, and air-launched effects