Department of Defense
High Performance Computing Modernization Program

As integral components of almost all DoD weapon systems, antennas and radars perform critical communication, identification, and navigation functions necessary for Warfighter effectiveness and survivability.  Computational Electromagnetics (CEM) tools have matured in recent years and are widely used for antenna concept exploration and design by the DoD and its contractors.

  • SENTRi: Modeling of complex structures, including highly heterogeneous material structures with multi-scaled features to include:  dielectric, magnetic, impedance boundary conditions, and complex valued resistive sheets
  • FLO-K Rapid design tool for periodic structures such as frequency selective surfaces, phased-array antennas, and band-gap structures, including full three-dimensional structures with dielectric, magnetic, and impedance sheets
  • Aurora:  Accurate prediction of anntenna patterns for complex platorm integration analysis