Department of Defense
High Performance Computing Modernization Program

In Oct, 2017 Extreme Networks completed the acquisition of Brocade Communications Systems assets including the SLX, VDX, MLX, CES, CER, Workflow Composer, Automation Suites, and certain other data center related products.

This IPv6 on Extreme Networks (Brocade) document explains the steps involved in enabling IPv6 on an Extreme Networks (Brocade) MLX/XMR series router and provides a minimal configuration for an Extreme Networks (Brocade) Layer 2 switch.

This document describes some additional options when enabling IPv6 on an Extreme Networks (Brocade) router and testing to verify correct operation.

A more complete reference can be found on this web page. Configuration information for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol version 6 (DHCPv6) may be found here.