Department of Defense
High Performance Computing Modernization Program

The following documents explain the steps involved in enabling IPv6 on several Extreme Networks (Brocade or Avaya) layer-3 switches. The minimum software revisions level required to support IPv6 varies.

ExtremeSwitching 210 and 220 Series describes the basic steps in enabling IPv6 on an Extreme Networks ExtremeSwitching 210 or 220 Series switches.

Extreme ISW Series Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch Product Documentation describes the basic steps in enabling IPv6 on Extreme Networks ISW Ethernet switches.

Extreme Networks Product Documentation: Routing and Switching section contains links to documentation describing the basic steps in enabling IPv6 on numerous switches in the Extreme Networks product line, including:

1. Avaya Ethernet Routing Switches (ERS) in the ERS 3500 through ERS 8800 series switches.
2. Extreme Networks X150 through X870 series switches.
3. ExtremeSwitching Virtual Services Platforms (VSP) in the VSP 4000 through VSP 9000 series switches.