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Anything-as-a-Service (Xaas)”, also called “Everything-as-a-Service (also XaaS)”, refers to any service, function or resource accessed over a network where the access methods used remain the same whether that network is a local network, wide area network, or the Internet. The article “Everything as a Service – Does it Really Work?” provides additional information.

Other than “Network-as-a-Service (NaaS)”, many XaaS offerings are beyond the scope of the Software-Defined Networking (SDN) knowledge base. It is worth noting that as is the case for SDN, such offerings are built with virtualization technology. It is also worth noting that use of the phrase "as-a-Service" has been coming for a long time (see this article), and may even have gotten out of hand long ago, as the article Is PaaS Passe yet? observed over fifteen years ago!! It is even being used to describe services provided by banking and construction companies, as shown by this article.

A partial list of services provided by computing hardware, computing software and computing services companies includes:

Additional examples of “XaaS” offerings are described here, including the following:

  • Beaconing-as-a-Service (also BaaS),
  • Biometric Authentication-as-a-Service (BioAaaS),
  • Business Integration-as-a-Service (BIaaS),
  • Business Intelligence-as-a-Service (also BIaaS),
  • Cashier-as-a-Service (also CaaS),
  • Climate Analytics-as-a-Service (CAaaS).
  • Confidentiality-as-a-Service (also CaaS),
  • Content Distribution-as-a-Service (CoDaaS),
  • Cooperation-as-a-Service (also CaaS),
  • Crimeware-as-a-Service (also CaaS),
  • Data Integrity-as-a-Service (DIaaS),
  • Data Mining-as-a-Service (DMAS, also DMaaS),
  • DDoS-as-a-Service (DDoSaaS),
  • Description-as-a-Service (DESCaaS),
  • Digital Forensics-as-a-Service (DFaaS),
  • Digital Intellectual Property Resources-as-a-Service (DIPaaS),
  • Disaster Tolerance-as-a-Service (DTaaS),
  • Education and learning-as-a-Service (ELaaS),
  • Energy-as-a-Service (also EaaS),
  • Exploits-as-a-Service (also EaaS),
  • Failure-as-a-Service (also FaaS),
  • Failure Scenario-as-a-Service (FSaaS),
  • Fault Masking-as-a-Service (FAS, also FMaaS),
  • Financial Modeling and Prediction-as-a-Service (FMPaaS),
  • Forensics-as-a-Service (FRaaS),
  • Gaming-as-a-Service (GaaS),
  • Handwritten Character Recognition-as-a-Service (HCRaaS),
  • HPC-as-a-Service (HPCaaS),
  • Intrusion Detection-as-a-Service (also IDaaS),
  • Laboratories-as-a-Service (LaaS),
  • Manufacturing-as-a-Service (MFGaaS),
  • Mobility Prediction-as-a-Service (MPaaS),
  • Object-as-a-Service (ObaaS),
  • Ontology-as-a-Service (OaaS),
  • Policing-as-a-Service (PolaaS),
  • Policy Management-as-a-Service (IPMaaS),
  • Proximity-as-a-Service (ProxaaS),
  • RAN-as-a-Service (RANaaS),
  • Risk-Assessment-as-a-Service (RAaaS),
  • Routing-as-a-Service (also RaaS),
  • Secure Logging-as-a-Service (SecLaaS),
  • Sensing and Actuation-as-a-Service (SAaaS),
  • Sensing-as-a-Service (also SaaS),
  • Smart City-as-a-Service (SCaaS),
  • Social Context-as-a-Service (SoCaaS , also SCaaS),
  • Software Development-as-a-Service (SDaaS),
  • Supply Chain-as-a-Service (also SCaaS),
  • Test-Bed-as-a-Service (TBaaS, also TaaS),
  • Things-as-a-Service (ThiaaS),
  • Threat-as-a-Service (ThraaS, also TaaS),
  • Ticketing-as-a-Service (TicaaS, also TaaS),
  • Trust-as-a-Service (TraaS, also TaaS),
  • Variability-as-a-Service (VaaS), and
  • Virtual cluster-as-a-Service (ViteraaS).

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