Department of Defense
High Performance Computing Modernization Program

Starting in FY 2005, the HPCMP provided newly-acquired systems to Capability Applications Projects (CAPs), prior to placing the new systems into production, to test key DoD application codes on a substantial portion of entire HPC systems, and to solve large problems quickly by using a fraction of the newest, most capable systems. CAP’s goals are:

  • To quantify the degree to which important application codes scale to thousands of processors.
  • To enable new science and technology by applying these codes in dedicated, high-end, capability environments.

The HPCMP focuses on true capability use for a short time before placing the systems into allocated operational use. System use is implemented in two phases:

  • Exploratory phase designed to test scalability and efficiency of application codes to significant fractions of systems (5-15 projects on each system).
  • Production phase designed to accomplish significant capability work with efficient, scalable codes (1-3 projects on each system).