Department of Defense
High Performance Computing Modernization Program

Security Assessments play a vital role in operational security and serve to protect the integrity of the Network and protect all HPCMP assets.  Included in this area are Cybersecurity Assessments (CSA), System and Service Acceptance Testing (SSAT), Security Assistance Visits (SAV), and certification and accreditation of HPMCP production enclaves and networks.  CSA's are risk-based assessments that integrate DoD and HPCMP policy to provide an all-encompassing security assessment.  SSATs are performed for the program as an independent security review of systems and services before final deployment into the HPMCP production environments.  The Assessment team members have experience in all areas of security reviews and can aid any of the HPCMP customers by performing a SAV to identify security vulnerabilities with the intent of resolving the issues.  Finally, the Security Assessment area provides a vital role in providing a final review of the HPCMP related security posture to the HPCMP Authorizing Official (AO) for certification and accreditation purposes.