Department of Defense
High Performance Computing Modernization Program

Institute Lead: Dr. Betsy Rice

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Summary: MSRMI supports the development of a science-based capability to simulate munitions response to insults through adequately capturing the effects that microstructural heterogeneities impose on macroscopic events.

Detail: This effort will transform the current modeling and simulation (M&S) processes that DoD utilizes in the design of Insensitive Munitions (IM)-compliant weapons by incorporating essential modeling capabilities needed to capture key physiochemical properties in continuum codes. This will provide a change in paradigm by eliminating current system-specific M&S tools that have high levels of empiricism and inaccuracies, and introducing an agile and robust set of M&S tools applicable for a wide range of IM development that are amenable for future growth and expansion.

HPC physics-based M&S is a critical enabler for the rapid development of munitions to provide substantially enhanced performance, reduced vulnerability, and lower cost. Software developed and enhanced at this Institute will reduce prototype development and testing and will provide users with an accurate and versatile M&S tool suite to predict the response of munitions to threats and hazards.