Department of Defense
High Performance Computing Modernization Program

This file contains all of the checklists, guidelines, and forms that will help Interns begin their project and pave the way for a successful internship.

This Checklist includes suggested orientation activities designed to best prepare students for a successful internship.

Interns should email their completed Emergency Contact Form and Bio Slide to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before their internship begins.

While highly encouraged, the following documents/tasks are not a mandatory requirement of the HIP program.  Alternative organization-specific forms and/or processes may also be substituted for the below.  These documents do NOT need to be submitted/returned to the HIP team, but are merely a resource that may be utilized internally as needed.

This agreement is a learning contract between the mentor and intern during the internship. It identifies the goals, helps set boundaries and identifies expectations/success criteria as well as any ground rules or boundaries. This agreement should include the intern’s research portfolio deliverables. A successful mentor/intern relationship requires a commitment of both parties. This agreement provides that framework. Both parties should keep a copy of this agreement. The agreement also provides the intern with a “take away” description of the summer tasks which can be used to develop the resume.

Regularly scheduled meetings are an important part of the internship program. This report requires the intern to take a look at what has been accomplished during the week, gives the intern an opportunity to capture discussion points to discuss at the regular mentor/intern meetings and is used along with the task assignment agreement to assess progress towards goals.

While each intern will be provided with their respective job site information, work hours, mentor contact information, and site policies at the start of the internship, the way in which each intern presents him/herself is an important reflection of the individual and impacts the way the outside world develops its perception. These INFO SHEETS provide guidelines to help guarantee a successful internship.