Each year, the High Performance Computing Modernization Program (HPCMP) surveys the Department of Defense’s (DoD's) most important high-priority, computationally-intensive projects to identify ones that require unique, dedicated high performance computing (HPC) resources in order to meet mission objectives and milestones. These are generally two- to three-year mission-critical projects that require a small onsite HPC system at a laboratory or test center.

Dedicated High Performance Computing Project Investments (DHPIs) are awarded to technically sound, mission-critical projects that cannot be performed at HPC centers due to special operational requirements (e.g., classification level above secret, real-time response, hardware-in-the-loop, embedded implementations, and/or emerging technologies).

All computational scientists and engineers in DoD research, development, and test and evaluation programs who are eligible to use HPCMP resources under the Program's current guidelines may submit a proposal through their Service or Agency.

The DHPI Program Manager may be contacted:

DoD High Performance Computing Modernization Program Attn: DHPI
7701 Telegraph Road, Kingman Building
Alexandria, VA 22315-3864
email: hpc-dhpi [at] hpc.mil