Under the authority of the DoD HPCMP and DREN Authorizing Official (AO), HPCMP Security maintains multi-tiered cybersecurity risk management processes to reduce risk and maximize resiliency of HPCMP networks and systems. In doing so, the CSPM continuously monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of management and technical controls to enable risk management framework (RMF) assessments and authorizations, identification and remediation of vulnerabilities, and communication of risks to the HPCMP AO.

Additionally, the CSPM publishes and enforces cybersecurity guidance applicable to the unique computational and networking environments throughout the HCPMP. In coordination with the DoD and Service-level risk advisory groups, the CSPM continuously evolves risk management practices through the use of authoritative cybersecurity data and operationally-relevant threat sources. In managing and monitoring cyber risks, the CSPM reinforces the Program's commitment to deliver a resilient cyber terrain enabling RDT&E and AE users' pursuit of innovative solutions to the Department's most critical mission challenges.

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