The High Performance Computing Modernization Program's (HPCMP) User Productivity Enhancement and Training (PET) program gives users access to computational experts with experience spanning a wide variety of HPC technical areas. The PET Team is available to help HPC users become more productive using HPCMP resources with the goal of expediting milestones and reducing overall costs related to technological development to DoD users.

In addition to internal expertise, the PET Team also provides virtual training on effective usage of software, hardware, networking, data transfer, data storage, and visualization of data. PET facilitates and promotes the transfer of scientific and technical knowledge between HPCMP users and the broader computational communities, including DoD and other federal agencies. Help in specific Technical Thrust Areas (TTAs) provide a wide range of expertise including, but not limited to, new delivery methods, emerging hardware exploration, High Performance Data Analytics (HPDA), debugging software, performance improvement with user codes, scalability issues, and porting of software to emerging hardware.

Visit the PET website for more information.