CTA Leader: Dr. William Burnett

The Climate/Weather/Ocean Modeling (CWO) CTA focuses on the accurate numerical simulation of the earth's atmosphere and oceans on those space and time scales important for both scientific understanding and DoD operational use. This CTA includes the simulation and forecast of atmospheric variability (e.g., temperature, winds, pressure, relative humidity, cloud cover, precipitation, storms, aerosols and trace chemicals, surface fluxes, etc.) and oceanic variability (e.g., temperature, salinity, currents, tides, waves, ice motion and concentration, sediment transport, optical clarity, etc.). Numerical simulations and real-time forecasts are performed from the very top of the atmosphere to the very bottom of the ocean. CWO also includes the development of numerical algorithms and techniques for the assimilation of in-situ and remotely-sensed observations into numerical prediction systems. CWO has DoD applications on a daily basis for specific warfare-area, mission planning and execution (air, ground, sea, and space); as well as for flight and sea safety, search-and-rescue, optimal aircraft and ship routing, and weapon system design. This CTA provides DoD: 1. real-time, high-resolution weather and oceanographic forecasts leading to incisive decision making and enhanced operational capability in adverse weather and ocean conditions; and 2. realistic simulations of the dynamic oceanic and atmospheric environment to permit effective mission planning, rehearsal and training, and materiel acquisition.