HPCMP is helping power the promise of digital engineering.

Digital engineering uses models and data to support decision-making over the whole development timeline from drafts to disposal. By harnessing advances in computational power and data analytics, the United States Department of Defense uses these techniques to field next-generation systems with fewer costs and shorter timelines.

The Air Force Research Laboratory Bandit program aims to build uncrewed aerial vehicles that the DoD can use during adversarial air practice. In March 2022, AFRL awarded a one-year Small Business Innovation Research contract to mature an aircraft design and conduct engine ground testing. The team used HPCMP CREATE’s computational fluid dynamics tools and HPC systems at the AFRL DoD Supercomputing Resource Center (DSRC) and the Army ERDC DSRC to validate the results. This work will also support the engineers as they move forward with evaluating other parts of the aircraft’s flight envelope.

AFRL and their industry partner announced the successful completion of a ground test in January 2023.