The US Navy has not designed a new surface combatant in over 15 years. Best-practices dictate that cost and capability assessments be used in early-stage design to ensure program requirements and performance expectations are met. Fortunately, the application of sophisticated design and analysis tools can be used to help optimize design across trade space considerations.

For the Navy’s Next-Generation Guided-Missile Destroyer (DDG(X)) program, HPCMP leveraged its computational resources and state-of-the-art software tools (Rapid Ship Design Environment, Integrated Hydrodynamics Design Environment, and NavyFOAM) to enable rapid design iterations and assessment of competing DDG(X) concepts.

HPCMP’s capabilities helped the Navy’s DDG(X) team refine requirements, explore design space options, and predict ship hydrodynamic performance.

When something hasn’t been done in a long time, why take chances? The HPCMP has the resources and capabilities that enable rapid and effective capability development, while minimizing costs and risks.